About Us

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FCB Partners is dedicated to improving business performance and enterprise capabilities through process audit, redesign, and management. We take our name from Michael Hammer's final book: Faster, Cheaper, Better. We use his process maturity model, PEMM™, as described in the HBR article "The Process Audit". He was our mentor and colleague, a thought leader in business process redesign whose contributions remain relevant today. We are committed to building on his work.

FCB Partners offers education, research, and advisory services to clients seeking to deliver customer value by achieving operational excellence. We conduct process audits. We advise process owners. We focus on both execution and evolution: How to deliver current-period results while shaping longer-term capabilities.

Our clients are executives and process professionals who are preparing their organizations for the future while delivering results today. For them, it’s not an either-or proposition; they work in both dimensions simultaneously. They lead large-scale IT and business initiatives, commit to ambitious ROI targets and if necessary, seek ways to transform the business. They pursue market leadership and optimize customer experience. But, they understand that, in the end, it will be cross-function collaboration, process audits, and discipline - design, measurement, accountability, governance, and culture - that will determine success.