Workshop: Portfolio Optimization


In many organizations, the success rate of process improvement projects is either too low or unknown. A major cause is project overload – disconnected, un-prioritized projects overwhelming the organization. Challenges include recruiting the best players, finding enough project managers, changing priorities mid-stream and understanding aggregate investments … delays, mistakes, and inefficiency.


This workshop introduces a portfolio approach for managing simultaneous projects. We customize activities according to your situation. For example:

  • Assessing project objectives, activities, resources and deliverables
  • Developing a project triage process: Inventory, criteria, priorities
  • Creating a balanced portfolio and associated business case
  • Creating portfolio management and oversight structures
  • Collecting data on surviving projects
  • Developing a process for post-project reviews


  • Process Owners
  • Project Leaders
  • Business Transformation consultants


  • 3 pre-workshop teleconferences
  • 2 days onsite for team and individual working session
  • 5-20 participants, a cross-section of process and project managers
  • Pre- and post-workshop assignments


This workshop will result in fewer, more focused projects in a balanced portfolio. Participants will develop a data driven method for project governance, resulting in more effective portfolio management, better focus, and greater efficiency.

Format can be modified to address specific needs. In a single workshop we may add briefings to raise awareness, training to develop skills, or best practices to accelerate progress. By offering a series of workshops we help teams address issues and implement plans over time.