FCB Partners offers public and in-house training leading to two levels of certification:

Process Mastery Certification

Individuals who complete three, classic Hammer courses will earn a Certificate of Process Mastery, one of the longest standing and most widely recognized credentials in the field. Created by our mentor, Dr. Michael Hammer, these courses provide basic awareness, methods, and skills for process management from three different points of view:

Power of Process:  What it is, why it's needed, how it works. Participants learn to raise awareness, get buy-in and sustain a process focus.

Process Redesign:  Project view - how to establish conditions for success, prioritize opportunities, innovate in design, accelerate adoption and engage the top team.

Leading Transformation:  Enterprise view - how to establish conditions for success, focus scarce resources on high-value opportunities, encourage adoption, and sustain results. Leading Transformation, the PEMM™ course, is based on "The Process Audit", a 2007 Harvard Business Review article, and covers the PEMM™ assessments

Advanced Certification

classroomEvery year we offer one or two newly designed courses drawing on our current research as well as contributions of contemporary thought leaders. Intended to meet the business challenges of the 21st century, these courses are designed to introduce new ideas to seasoned professionals–to give participants the opportunity to step back from the urgency of their day jobs and reflect on what's next.

Topics go beyond operational excellence with its Lean, Six Sigma, and Change Management methodologies to next-era challenges such as governance, innovation, adoption, date management, analytics, and customer experience.

Recent courses and workshops include:

Change Leaders and Catalysts:  A 2-day working session on the principles, practices, and skills for planning and implementing large-scale organizational change. Topics include change strategy, communication, stakeholder engagement, sponsor effectiveness, influence, governance, and culture.

Implementation and Execution:  A 2-day workshop for business, process, IT, and change management leaders on planning for implementation and execution success. This course covers the principles and practices that will enable your project leaders and teams to plan, integrate, and execute business, systems, and stakeholder change.

Measuring Performance:  A 2-day workshop blending tools, case examples, best practices, and exercises to assist in improving measurement capabilities. It's tough to select the right measures and create a useful scorecard. Without clear logic, measurement can be random or misleading. We strive for focus, balance and transparency.

Process Owners in Action:  A 2-day, in-house offering for internal process owners and those who support them. Individual view of the role and how to succeed in it including why we need it, how it works, links to function management, moments of truth, using process measures, key stakeholders, and influence without authority

Process Innovation:  A 2-day exploration of new, digital-era processes for implementing innovation and the opportunities and challenges they raise for incumbent, successful companies. We will explore the key process for product, service, and process innovation:  taking an idea to market.

In all our courses and workshops, we strive to teach both new ways of thinking and field-tested methods. We use case studies from a wide range of industries and small-group exercises throughout the day. Our instructional style is highly interactive, and our graduates appreciate getting a big-picture perspective.