FCB offers training and coaching by video conference.

Hammer Certification

Individuals who complete three, classic Hammer courses will earn a Certificate of Process Mastery, one of the longest standing and most widely recognized credentials in the field. Created by our mentor, Dr. Michael Hammer, these courses provide basic awareness, methods, and skills for process management from three different points of view:

Power of Process:  What it is, why it's needed, how it works. Participants learn to raise awareness, get buy-in and sustain a process focus.

Process Redesign:  Project view - how to establish conditions for success, prioritize opportunities, innovate in design, accelerate adoption and engage the top team.

Process Enterprise:  Organization view - how to establish conditions for success, focus scarce resources on high-value opportunities, encourage adoption, and sustain results. Leading Transformation, the PEMM™ course, is based on "The Process Audit", a 2007 Harvard Business Review article, and covers the PEMM™ assessments

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Advanced Training

Every year we offer new courses for Hammer alumni, master black belts and others aspiring to go beyond Lean, Six Sigma and BPM to develop higher level skills in strategy, design and change leadership. These courses provide an opportunity to step back from everyday demands and reflect on what's next - for the organization as well as oneself. Our newest courses include:

The Agenda: A fast-action, focused-strategy approach to managing change in a digital business environment. We focus on the big picture - customer and supplier connections, digital business, corporate culture. We offer a new change agenda, playbook, and skill set ... More

Big Benefits, Big Changes: This two-day class updates Michael Hammer’s business process reengineering for the digital business environment. Too many process initiatives are internally focused. They fail to consider the outside-in, customer perspective. Too many organizations settle for better sameness. They miss the big-benefit potential of big-picture thinking. As a result, too many change projects fail. In today’s turbulent marketplace, a radical approach is needed ... More

Change Leaders and Catalysts:  A deep dive into principles, practices, and skills for managing change in a business transformation. Topics include change strategy, communication, stakeholder engagement, sponsor effectiveness, influence, governance, and culture.

Implementation and Execution: How to plan and facilitate the transition from process design to execution in multiple domains: Business policy, IT systems, supplier and customer contracting,management systems, work force development and end-user adoption.

Measuring Performance:  How to design and use process measures, and management systems, to improve performance: Specifying outcomes, selecting the right measures, designing usable scorecards, structuring front-line feedback, establishing corrective and preventive action discipline.

Process Owners in Action: An intensive examination of the process owner role and associated challenges: How to define their role and objectives, establish cross-boundary commitments, introduce shared goals and commitments, justify investment in process redesign, allocate limited resources, anticipate issues and resolve problems.

In all our courses and workshops, we strive to teach both new ways of thinking and field-tested methods. We use case studies from a wide range of industries and small-group exercises throughout the day. Our instructional style is highly interactive, and we challenge participants to look beyond their day jobs and develop a cross-industry, big-picture point of view.