The Agenda

Monday, September 9, 2019 - 13:00 to Wednesday, September 11, 2019 - 16:00
Regus, 245 First Street, Cambridge MA

In a digital business environment, if you’re moving slowly while the world moves fast, you’re in trouble. Customers get impatient. Associates get restless. Executives raise the bar. Competitors step up their game. The organization needs a faster, more focused, strategic approach to managing change.

Practitioners of Lean, Six Sigma and Project Management are engaged in problem-solving. But they miss the big picture, the need for innovation and agility, the root causes of organizational inertia: Superficial buy-in. Widespread complacency. Conflicting priorities. Mistrust across organizational boundaries. That's where the new agenda comes in.

Course participants will learn how to:

  • Design an agile business innovation process – think fast, act fast, fail fast, repeat
  • Set the right change agenda to create a sense of urgency
  • Craft a compelling story, and deliver an elevator pitch
  • Develop a change strategy, combining top-down, bottom-up, and outside-in views
  • Get ‘buy-in’ at each stage – concept, design, development, adoption
  • Influence decisions and actions without relying on top-down directives
  • Structure and lead after action reviews, capture and apply lessons learned

Individuals who complete this course will receive a Certificate of Advanced Process Knowledge.



Location: Regus, 245 First Street, Cambridge MA
Date: September 9 - 11, 2019
Schedule: Beginning 1:00 pm Day One, and ending 4:00 pm Day Three


Individual: $3200 per person
Team of 2: $2900 per person
Government: 10% discount

We offer a customized version of this training for onsite groups. Call us at 617.245.0265 or email to discuss specifics.


Agile Innovation

What it is … Why it’s needed … Bridging the digital divide … Where agile matters … Thinking outside-in … How to scan, target, and act … Designing for iteration

Digital Is Different

Why now … Choosing your future, crafting your story … Relevance, meaning, call to action … Ever-present context of cause, effect, nudges … Deciding what to ask for ... knowing how to get it


The New Change Agenda

Finding a customer in the next cubicle ... Putting the paying customer first … Learning what customers need … Creating a Minimal Viable Service … Running business experiments ... Measuring like you mean it

Your Engagement Playbook

The innovation imperative … Forming a coalition … Innovation strategy, program, portfolio … Setting direction, top-down … Building momentum, bottom-up … Engaging the ecosystem


Buy-In across Boundaries

Designing buy-in as a process … Moving from purpose to insight, investment, experimentation and adoption … Managing differences, making tough choices ... Buy-in as a give-and-take proposition

Rapid Fire Review

Structure and rationale for review … Process inputs, flow, outputs …  Participants, rules of engagement … How to stop action, learn from failure, redirect … Celebrating success

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