Big Benefits, Big Change

Monday, September 9, 2019 - 09:00 to Tuesday, September 10, 2019 - 16:00
Regus, 245 First Street, Cambridge MA

This two-day class updates Michael Hammer’s business process reengineering for the digital business environment. Too many process initiatives are internally focused. They fail to consider the outside-in, customer perspective. Too many organizations settle for better sameness. They miss the big-benefit potential of big-picture thinking. As a result, too many change projects fail. In today’s turbulent marketplace, a radical approach is needed.

Course participants will learn how to:

  • Set an ambitious goal, and make big moves
  • Engage the right sponsors, in the right ways
  • Select the right opportunities, and define the right scope
  • Deploy digital era approaches and timeframes
  • Recruit the right people, and build the right teams
  • Target the right benefits, and generate pragmatic plans

Individuals who complete this course will receive a Certificate of Advanced Process Knowledge.



Location: Regus, 245 First Street, Cambridge MA
Date: March 25-26 and May 16-17
Schedule: Beginning 9:00 am Day One, and ending 4:00 pm Day Two


Individual: $2500 per person
Team of 4: $2000 per person
Team & Sponsor (5+): $1750 per person (includes two post-training team calls)
Government: 10% discount

We offer a customized version of this training for onsite groups. Call us at 617.245.0265 or email to discuss specifics.


Small Change Is Not Enough

Why so many process projects fail … Why the time is right for big change … Why bigger is better … What triggers big change … Knowing when you’re ready.

Conditions for Success

The right sponsor … The right governance … The right team … The Right scope … The right plan … Constraints and enablers … Knowing when you’re ready.


Get More for Less: The Big Moves

Exploding boundaries … Customizing and personalizing … Adjusting the man/machine ratio ... Adding value with data … Deploying extra-sensory perception … Rethinking decisions.

Agile Execution

Escaping the implementation trap … Escaping the day-two disaster … Avoiding big mistakes … Chunking solutions … Becoming an expert experimenter.

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