Course Overview: Leading Transformation

Wednesday, April 1, 2015 - 12:00 to 12:30

With Walter Popper, Managing Director, FCB Partners
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Senior executives talk about business transformation and you want to contribute. But your experience and skills are tactical – day-to-day operations, key performance indicators, department budgets, project management, process mapping, swim lanes, project stage gates, and deliverables.

This 3-day course is your opportunity to step back and explore the big picture of business transformation. We begin with Dr. Michael Hammer’s PEMM™ (the Process and Enterprise Maturity Model), as published in the Harvard Business Review.

This 30-minute course overview covers the critical factors associated with successful transformation:

  • How to transform processes through design, ownership, and accountability
  • How to sustain improvements using measures and systems
  • How to shape the environment – leadership, governance, expertise, culture
  • How to initiate change with a case for action, guiding coalition, and strategy
  • How to engage stakeholders, exert influence, and build momentum
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