Course Overview: Process Redesign

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 - 12:00 to 12:30

With Steve Stanton, Managing Director, FCB Partners
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Are you launching an ERP project? Creating a Shared Services organization? Streamlining your supply chain or customer service? Reducing cycle time in new product development? Before you dive into detailed process mapping or business requirements definition, you need an overall, strategic approach to project leadership with a focus on business process design. 

That’s what we provide in Process Redesign, the classic, 4-day Michael Hammer course for project sponsors, teams, and the analysts supporting them.

Our 30-minute webinar will describe the overall course. We will also provide an overview of its major topics, following the life cycle of a typical IT or process improvement project:

  • Mobilization: How to select the right project, build a foundation, pick the team
  • Diagnosis: How to gain insight about the current state, not just map it
  • Redesign: How to challenge legacy assumptions, connect to customers, use IT
  • Transition: How to minimize risk, engage stakeholders, accelerate adoption


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