Implementing Innovation

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 - 08:30 to Friday, January 30, 2015 - 15:00
Miami FL
Biscayne Bay

To access the slides and recording of Breakthroughs in Implementation, our recent webinar overview of this new course, click here.

A three-day exploration of new, digital-era processes for implementing innovation and the opportunities and challenges they raise for incumbent, successful companies. We will explore three key processes for product, service, and process innovation: (1) experimentation (2) partnering, and (3) governance. These cutting-edge approaches to creating breakthroughs are based on successes in diverse industries ranging from software to retail and from services to industrial equipment. Case examples will be used throughout.

The course is designed for process leaders looking beyond operational excellence, people involved in innovation activities, and leaders of digital strategy initiatives. Brad Power, Harvard Business Review blogger on continuous innovation, will lead this course; watch this short video:

Participants will learn how to:

  • Develop and communicate a compelling case for product, service, and process innovation
  • Analize innovation opportunities and allocate resources appropriately
  • Understand innovation processes and when to use them
  • Structure business experiments to accelerate innovation and reduce risk
  • Create a business ennvironment that supports innovation
  • Participate strategically in innovation platforms, ecosystems, and partnerships
  • Develop a process innovation strategy and a plan for funding it


Location: The Mayfair Hotel and Spa, 3000 Florida Avenue, Miami, FL United States
(Reservation deadline: December 30, 2014)

Check-in and Continental Breakfast: Begin at 7:30 am on Day One

Course Begins: At 8:30 am on Day One and ends at 3:00 pm on Day Three


$3290 includes:

  • Downloadable, electronic course materials
  • Breakfasts, breaks, luncheons, and reception
  • Travel and hotel accommodations are not included.

Individuals who complete this course will receive a Certificate of Process Innovation.



The New World of Digital Innovation
Shortening product and process lifecycles - Using digital capabilities to work faster and smarter - Positioning process innovation within the organization's strategy - Shifting from operational excellence to innovation.

A Model for Continuous Innovation
Defining the continuous product/service process model - Identifying and structuring experiments - Creating a test engine - Deploying a services architecture.

Organizing for Continuous Innovation
Creating a culture that tolerates change and risk - Deploying small services teams to develop and test - Funding that tolerates changes on the fly - Defining measures for continuous experimentation.

Transitioning to Continuous Innovation
Moving from waterfall to agile and continuous delivery - Overcoming resistance


Innovation Partnerships and Ecosystems
Exploring capabilities outside your organization's boundaries - Engaging external resources through incubators, open innovation, platforms, and ecosystems - Asssesing the value, risks, and options of business partnerships. 

Innovation Projects and Programs
Defining the innovation end-to-end lifecycle - Making fast iterations - Introducing innovation methods and tools - Using an incubator. 

Organizing Innovation Projects
Clarifying the goals of a project and the challenges it must overcome - Defining characteristics of the project leader - Defining controls and key performance indicators - Managing a portfolio of porjects - Understanding venture capital best practices. 


Innovation Strategy and Commitments
Creating a case for innovation - Linking to company strategy - Getting top team buy-in - Overcoming the pressures of day-to-day operations - Evaluating the costs and benefits, risks and returns for innovation.

Innovation Resources and Measurement
Redesigning the resource allocation processes - Segregating funds - Defining horizons and key performance indicators for innovation - Conmmunicating to analysts, shareholders, and stakeholders.

Integrating and Scaling Innovation
Evaluating organizational approaches to innovation - Redefining the role of internal R&D - Introducing incubators and accelerators - Bringing a success into the core - Scaling - Protecting intellectual property.

Jump-Starting Your Innovation Campaign
Identifying and analyzing stakeholders - Engaging leaders - Creating innovation challenges and using idea systems - Building the communication program - Bringing Silicon Valley inside.

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