Measuring Performance

A two-day class for process practitioners covering the design and use of performance measures. Measurement is the most difficult aspect of process management. With so many choices it’s tough to select the right measures and create a useful scorecard. But without clear metrics, process measurement can be random, or worse, misleading. This course will blend pragmatic tools, case examples, best practices, and practical exercises to assist attendees in improving their organization’s measurement capabilities.

Course participants will learn how to:

  • Derive key process indicators from strategy
  • Identify customer requirements and link them to measures
  • Create a process scorecard
  • Document and share measures to maximize utility
  • Use metrics for improvement and motivation
  • Understand maturity model for measurement


Course Overviews

Measure What Matters Overview

Mastering Data Webinar
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Location: Onsite
Schedule: Course begins at 8:30 am on Day One and ends at 4:30 pm on Day Two


Price varies with number of participants. For information call 617.245.0265 or email



Understanding Measurement: A New Approach

  • Understanding why measurement is difficult
  • Rethinking the role of metrics
  • Identifying leading and lagging indicators

Picking the Measures that Matter

  • Deriving measures from strategy to identify key outcomes
  • Using customer perspectives to insure an outside-in perspective
  • Creating a line-of-sight to customers and other key stakeholders
  • Setting the right performance targets

Exercise One: Develop Your Measurement Scorecard

Using Measures to Manage Performance

  • The cycle of measurement
  • Communicating measures for alignment
  • Posting measures to motivate performers
  • Maintaining measures as conditions change


Improving the Measurement Process

  • Measurement and compensation: The Third Rail
  • Raising the performance bar
  • Marbling metrics into management systems

Exercise Two: Your Metrics in Action

From Data to Useable Knowledge: The Technologicial Perspective to Mastering Data

  • Data-driven decision making
  • The uses and misuses of measurement systems
  • The future of metrics?

Creating a Culture of Measurement

  • Behaviors and misbehaviors
  • Sensing and responding


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