Process Innovation

A two-day exploration of new, digital-era processes for implementing innovation and the opportunities and challenges they raise for incumbent, successful companies. We will explore the key process for product, service, and process innovation: taking an idea to market. Competitive forces are driving companies to move from rigid, slow innovation processes to fast and agile approaches relying on tools and techniques for experimentation and learning. These cutting-edge approaches to creating breakthroughs are based on successes in diverse industries ranging from software to retail and from services to industrial equipment. We will also discuss ways to create a culture and management systems that support innovation. Case examples will be used throughout, and we will visit companies that have adopted rapid systems development (Agile) and customer empathy (Design Thinking) methods.

The course is designed for process leaders looking beyond operational excellence, people involved in innovation activities, and leaders of digital strategy initiatives. Brad Power, Harvard Business Review blogger on continuous innovation, will lead this course; watch this short video, or click on the Webinar image to view the course overview slide deck:

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Webinar: Implementing Innovation


Benefits for both team and individual attendance:

  • A compelling case for innovation
  • Analysis of innovation experiences: what works
  • Opportunities for accelerating the innovation process and introducing more experimentation
  • Insights on building a business environment that supports innovation
  • A strategy for participating in innovation platforms, ecosystems, and partnerships
  • A resource allocation and funding framework for supporting process innovation


Location: Onsite
Schedule: Course begins at 8:30 am on Day One and ends at 4:00 pm on Day Two


Price varies according to number of participants. For information call 617 245 0265 or email



Reengineer the Innovation Process

The Case for Innovation
How technology is shifting competitive opportunities and threats - Developing a case for action: (1) why 'business as usual' isn't sufficient, (2) painting a compelling future vision, and (3) providing a roadmap to get there

How to Reengineer the Innovation Process to Accelerate Speed
A look at Waterfall, Agile, and Continuous Delivery approaches to product, service, and process innovation

Experimentation and Creating an Innovation Culture

Experimentation Tools and Techniques
How fast and frugal experiments enable rapid-cycle learning, customer feedback, and agility

Creating a Culture that Enables Innovation
An exploration of the challenges that innovation faces in shifting away from successful ways of operating, including organizational changes which can distinguish between a stable core and faster edge, and the people side of innovation, especially stakeholder engagement


Management Systems and Action Plan

Reengineer Management Systems for Innovation
A discussion of ways to change measurement and management systems to enable innovation: strategic planning, funding and resoure allocation, and performance management

Jump-Start Your Innovation Campaign
Develop a 90-day action plan to engage stakeholders, run experiments, and look for a 'model line' to demonstrate new concepts

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