Trap 2: False Urgency

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - 12:00 to 12:30

Senior executives establish process goals and objectives based on business priorities. These goals, documented in a project charter, are intended to guide the work of cross-functionalteams. When individuals join a team, they are expected to act accordingly. And in today’s fast-acting digital world, to do it fast.

But team members with priorities of their own experience a conflict of interest. And during peak production, or in a crisis, it’s worse. The demands of the day job, of everyday business, drain time, attention and resources. Teamwork becomes difficult if not impossible when nobody’s available. The urgent drives out the important.

What should a team leader do? Distinguish between what’s truly urgent and the kind of false urgency that infects so many teams. When a team member is urgently needed, negotiate a temporary arrangement. But hold the line on false urgency by putting team commitments first. In this webinar we will address the following questions:

  • When and in what forms are team members most likely to get distracted?
  • How can team members deal with conflicts between their team- and day-job obligations?
  • How can team leaders help anticipate and resolve those conflicts?
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