Webinar: Breakdown then Breakthrough

Wednesday, October 22, 2014 - 12:00 to 13:00

Breakdown then Breakthrough: Handoffs between Sales and Marketing

John Donlon, Research Director, Marketing Strategies Decisions, SiriusDecisions

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In 2012, Iron Mountain faced two difficult process problems in its Sales and Marketing space. One was that campaign production cycle time was highly variable, making it difficult for campaign managers to know when their demand-generation efforts would materialize. The other challenge was that the leads that were generated were not processed efficiently, so valuable marketing spend wasn't having the impact it could have. Both situations involved handoffs across multiple teams and had not single process owner. John Donlon, who was then Senior Manager, Sales Process and Technology at Iron Mountain (he is now with SiriusDecisions, a sales, marketing, and product research and advisory organization) put his Lean Six Sigma black belt skills to use and addressed each of these areas with dramatic results.

Join this webinar to hear about Iron Mountain's process journey in the uncharted waters of sales and marketing, including:

  • Insight into typical sales and marketing processes that are commonly in need of improvement
  • The challenge of applying process concepts into functions that traditionally resist formal process design
  • Ways in which the organization was able to make process improvements stick
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