Webinar: Bring Process Thinking to IT

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 - 12:00 to 12:30

With Tom Paider, Build Capability Leader for Nationwide and co-author, with Michael Orzen, of the book The Lean IT Guide.

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Operational excellence and IT are seldom discussed together. The waste in thprocesses of knowledge workers often goes unnoticed for the simple reason that it is incredibly difficult to see. Nowhere is this truer than in software development, where the work of frontline associates and management is often hidden and inaccessible to outsiders. Nationwide Insurance, one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, tackles this problem head-on through the deployment of a Lean IT framework combined with agile development teams and associated collaboration tools to create a comprehensive learning system focused on improvement. Hear how Nationwide enabled its Enterprise Social Network from the frontline to the C-suite, and how it creates a predictable, transparent, and engaging environment centered on value delivery. From Daily Huddles to collaboration tools to Agile software development, Nationwide has a comprehensive process management framework for its IT development and operations.

Tom Paider is the Associate Vice President, Build Capability Leader for Nationwide Insurance. His group works across the company to implement continuous improvement thinking and improve application development processes. Tom was instrumental in creating Nationwide’s Application Development Center, a next-generation development center fusing a lean framework with agile principles and techniques. He has also consulted with dozens of companies across the United States on their Lean transformations. Tom is a board member for The Fisher College of Business Center for Operational Excellence at The Ohio State University. Tom is also the chair of the IT Leadership Network, a partnership between industry and academic leaders focused on helping member companies collaborate and sustain their Lean IT journeys. He has a Masters degree in Business Operational Excellence from The Ohio State University and is a Six Sigma Black Belt.

Tom will be joined by Chris Plescia, Enterprise Collaboration and Digital leader, who will share Nationwide's use of Yammer and other collaboration tools to enable Nationwide's knowledge workers to solve customer problems in real time.

Join this webinar to:

  • Understand the potential role of process improvement in IT management and software development
  • Identify ways to free IT from its focus on operations to add strategic value to the organization
  • Develop approaches for IT and process collaboration


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