Webinar: Digital Disciplines

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 - 12:00 to 12:30

Join Joe Weinman as he leads a roundtable discussion on Digital Disciplines: Attaining Market Leadership with Digital Technologies.

A variety of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data and analytics, social networks and media, broadband wireline and wireless networks, and the Internet of Things have strongly impacted operational excellence, product leadership, and customer intimacy. 

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  • Operational excellence must encompass information excellence—leveraging automation, information, analytics, and sophisticated algorithms to make processes faster, better, and more cost-effective, as well as to generate new revenue.
  • Product leadership must be extended to solution leadership—smart digital products ranging from wind turbines to wearables connected to each other, cloud services, social networks, and partner ecosystems
  • Customer intimacy is evolving to collective intimacy—as face-to-face relationships not only go online, but are collectively analyzed to provide individually targeted recommendations ranging from books and movies to patient-specific therapies.
  • Traditional innovation is no longer enough—accelerated innovation goes beyond open innovation to exploit crowdsourcing, idea markets, challenges, and contest economics to dramatically improve processes, products, and relationships.

In this webinar we’ll explore these themes with a particular focus on processes, where digital can make a big difference. For example, processes can be sources of big data, which can be analyzed for process improvement, or monetized directly or indirectly. Processes can become magical experiences, enable customer transformations, a focus on outcomes, and innovative charging models.  Innovation processes no longer occur within the boundaries of the corporation and are not only boundary-less, but can be ad hoc and enable co-creation with customers. Customer relationship processes can become algorithmically mediated, integrating perspectives such as customer characteristics, behaviors, and contexts. Sales processes must seamlessly fuse digital and physical worlds.


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