Webinar: Measure What Matters

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 - 12:00 to 12:30

Join Steve Stanton, Managing Director of FCB Partners, as he leads a roundtable discussion on the challenge of managing metrics. This 30-minute webinar is a prelude to our new Master Class on Measurement (premiering November 18 in Boston).

Without question, measurement is the most difficult aspect of process management. With so many choices it’s tough to select the right measures and create an actionable scorecard.  Too often, organizations measure what they can, measure what they can measure easily, or measure what they can measure easily that produces a positive number.

But, without a great measurement architecture, organizations can flounder with too many measures or misleading data, or just lagging indicators.

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In this practical webinar, we'll focus on the following themes:

  • Why is measurement so tough?
  • How can we find the right few measures for a process?
  • How to use measures effectively
  • How to improve the process of measurement itself


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