Webinar: What Can Non-Tech Incumbents Learn from Silicon Valley

Wednesday, December 3, 2014 - 12:00 to 13:00

Mark Zawacki

Mark Zawacki, Founder, 650 Labs  (slideshare)  (audio)

Many large, successful companies are creating offices in California's Silicon Valley to spot big, new trends and learn how they can transform their organizations in ways they couldn't otherwise imagine. It's no longer good enough to wait for change to come to your industry; you need to be out there where it's happening.

And a lot is happening in Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley has shifted from 'high tech capital of the world' to 'industry disruption capital of the world'. Companies are using 'idea scouting', venture investing, and product research and development to tap into innovations.

Mark Zawacki has founded two successful strategy consulting firms: Milestone Group (2001) and 650 Labs (2012). He has advised more than 300 clients globally on a myriad of growth- and revenue-related initiatives including business strategy, innovation, new product development, acquisition targeting, business and corporate development, alliances/partnering, go-to-market strategies, and international expansion. His clients have included Tata, NTT, Microsoft, McDonalds, MasterCard, Cisco, JPMorgan Chase, Intel, SAP, British Home Stores, GSMA, SMART, Volvo, Novartis, AstraZeneca, SITA, Norsk Hydro, Occidental Petroleum, Union Bank of Switzerland, Swisscom, Rabobank, VeriSign and Symantec, as well as a number of private equity and venture capital firms.

Join this webinar to:

  • Find out about the forces at play that are driving large, incumbent companies to open outposts in Silicon Valley
  • Hear about industry clusters that are disrupting competition
  • Discuss what your organization needs to do to tap into this powerful source of innovation.
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