Welcome Back, Now Get Moving

Wednesday, January 3, 2018 - 12:00 to 12:30

Process work is tough, and even tougher after the holidays. To help you gear up we offer 5 ways to jump-start your project and energize your team. We'll talk about quick hits, stakeholder reviews, rapid deployment and more, all with a view to gaining confidence and trust by delivering near-term, tangible results.

A few words about smart organizations: It’s tough to admit, but many of us work for dumb organizations, or at least organizations that do dumb things. Woven into the fabric of the enterprise are some downright mindless practices that persist, year after year, even though everyone knows they’re dysfunctional. Over time, rather than build everyone up they dumb everyone down, holding associates back and severely limiting their ability to contribute.

An individual behaving in this way would be fired for incompetence.

These are not deliberate acts of self-sabotage, but inevitable outcomes of outmoded operating models.  They are diseconomies of intelligence resulting from antiquated
assumptions, structures, roles and management systems.

What can be done to disrupt these mindless routines? First, you have to understand what “dumb” looks like and recognize the problem when it shows up. Recovery begins when you admit there’s a problem, and observe it:

  • Dumb is unmanaged, reply-all emails resulting in diminished productivity
  • Dumb is undisciplined meetings – no objectives, no agenda, no data, no decisions
  • Dumb is the absence of accountability around commitments, investments, results
  • Dumb is lack of transparency – reluctance to observe, share and learn from experience

To go further in identifying organizational dysfunctions, highlight specific issues and start a conversation with your colleagues, or raise the issue with senior executives. We'll discuss some approaches and how to prepare for them.

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