Lindsay Field, Client Services

Lindsay Field

Lindsay Field is the heart and soul of operations at FCB Partners. A seasoned professional in client services and program management, Lindsay has twenty years experience supporting organizations of all kinds, around the world, in their business transformation journeys.

Lindsay is responsible for the marketing, coordination, and delivery of all FCB public events. In addition she supports delivery of our on-site programs and advisory services and manages our back office. As Michael Hammer’s chief of staff she mastered the art of guiding and directing even the most challenging faculty talent without interfering with the creative process. As the primary point of contact for our clients, she has learned to respond to requests in real time as required in this fast-moving world. She holds herself and the rest of us to the very highest standards of program excellence and she delivers.

After hours, Lindsay is an avid equestrienne, participating in local shows and trail riding in the many local state forests. She lives on Boston’s North Shore with her husband, just minutes from the barn where her Morgan horse Hunter is housed.