Tool #1: Process Innovation Bookshelf

Process innovation requires an active imagination. But how can process analysts be open to future possibilities when they’re always chasing short-term solutions? 

One of the best ways is to dedicate a few minutes each day to reading and reflection: How do innovative companies stay that way? Who uses digital technology to improve performance? What are the latest trends in leadership and culture?



Tool #2: Process Performance Certification

Do your dashboards highlight performance by product, market, or department rather than end-to-end? Do measures emphasize past performance rather than future potential? The Process Performance Certification tool is designed to assess organizational capability - the capacity to improve performance and sustain those improvements - especially improvements in core business processes.

It provides Process Owners a way to assess current process health, acknowledge accomplishments, and target opportunities for improvement.


Chess game

Tool #3: Influence Playbook

How can Business Process Owners (BPOs) be held accountable for process performance when they have few resources and no power? In most cases they have nothing but a title and their own best intentions. It's the BPO's dilemma - influence without authority. And it's a major problem for process leaders and professionals of all types.

The key to success is no secret: Great process owners must be world-class influencers...


Brad Power

Tool #4: Conference Keynote

In January, 2014 Brad Power delivered the keynote address at the annual PEX conference in Orlando, Florida on the challenge of moving from continuous improvement to continuous innovation. "If your business is being disrupted by fast-moving innovators, Continuous Improvement is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic!" he told the group of several hundred Lean and Six Sigma professionals. "People understand the continuous part. But the Innovation part will mean major, end-to-end changes. That's what's new."