Walter Popper, Managing Director

Walter Popper

Walter Popper, a co-founder of FCB Partners, advises senior executives on business transformation, process innovation, organization strategy, and change leadership – whatever it takes to move their firms from point A to point B in pursuit of success in the marketplace. Working with Jim Champy and Michael Hammer in the 1990′s he helped shape business reengineering. Since then, as an advisor to top teams, he has come to appreciate the wide range of challenges leaders encounter as they prepare their organizations for the future. He seeks clients who understand and embrace those challenges.

Walter works with both individuals and teams on large-scale strategic initiatives. He is known as a dedicated listener and coach on the one hand and a determined heat seeker, analyst, and problem solver on the other.  This hybrid style reflects his early training – liberal arts at Swarthmore, technology innovation at MIT – and his continuing interest in both humanities and engineering. He brings both disciplines to his work, always encouraging clients to be their best by recognizing both behavioral and structural dimensions. This approach helps them question assumptions, set stretch goals, make tough choices, and move rapidly to action.

Walter lives in Cambridge where he enjoys easy access to the ski slopes of northern New England in the winter, the beaches of Cape Cod in the summer, and the many cultural treasures of greater Boston year-round.

“I believe leaders should strive to bring out the best in people. To do that, they need to create in their organizations an abiding purpose, a clear customer focus, and set of strong management disciplines. With those characteristics they will beat competitors, survive disruptions, and learn from experience. Those are the organizations I aim to create.”