Workshop: Process Diagnosis


Many process redesign teams struggle with current state diagnosis. Their scope is too narrow, within functional boundaries rather than end-to-end. Their focus is internal, taking an operations perspective rather than that of a customer. They go into too much detail, too early, rather than first developing a high level heat map. They are eager to document symptoms, but shy away from the difficult task of understanding root causes. They engage stakeholders one at a time, rather than convening a group for cross-functional dialog. And above all, they take too long.


This workhop jump-starts process diagnosis with a rapid, focused examination of one or more discrete end-end processes. We convene a select group of team members and business representatives to validate the selection of these processes, decompose them to level 2 or 3, develop a high level Heat Map, and identify Early Wins. The workshop ends by producing a Redesign Charter and associated Program Plan.

  • 5-25 participants, including core team, subject experts & stakeholders
  • 3 pre-workshop teleconferences
  • 3 days onsite
  • 3 post-workshop teleconferences
  • Pre- and post-workshop assignments as needed


  • Process redesign teams and sponsors
  • Process owners, managers and stakeholders
  • Subject experts supporting the process
  • Operational excellence consultants and analysts


Day 1

8:30      Process fundamentals and workshop objectives
9:00      Validate draft Enterprise Process Model
10:30    Confirm process selection based on Value vs. Effort
12:15    Lunch
1:00      Decompose Process A
2:30      Identify, describe & prioritize Process A gaps
4:00      Summarize issues, actions & Early Wins
4:30      Conclusion

Day 2

8:30       Decompose Process B
10:00     Identify, describe & prioritize Process B gaps
11:30     Identify issues, actions & early wins
12:15     Lunch
1:00       Decompose Process C
2:30       Identify, describe & prioritize Process C gaps
4:00       Summarize issues, actions & Early Wins
4:30       Conclusion

Day 3

8:30       Validate Heat Maps (Process A, B & C)
10:00     Draft Redesign Charter
11:30     Confirm & assign Early Wins
12:15     Lunch
1:00       Draft Program Plan & communications
3:30       Identify & assign next steps
4:00       Conclusion


Faster diagnosis, greater insight into opportunities, better focus going into redesign, and more highly engaged stakeholders.