Process Team Coaching


Business transformation requires focused leadership, expertise, governance, and accountability as well as disciplined process management, measures, and IT investments. But many organizations struggle to achieve that focus and build those disciplines.

Leaders operate within silos. Expertise suffers from functional myopia. Governance, measures, and IT systems lacking an end-to-end perspective tend to reinforce fragmentation. When people lose sight of the big picture, performance suffers and innovation is difficult if not impossible.

At FCB Partners, we believe in building an organization's internal capabilities. We advise and coach leaders, build expertise through education, and work side-by-side with project teams. In each case, we aim to add focus, build discipline, and develop expertise–and most importantly–to accelerate change.

FCB Partners provides consulting services that support each client's unique objectives and focus on a clear set of deliverables.  Our consultants bring expertise, developed during years of experience, in process design, implementation, governance, and business transformation. And we provide the necessary methodologies, tools, and best practices.

We also offer coaching on a retainer basis – a designated number of hours per month with a member of the FCB team for an annual fee.