Presentation decks from prior webinars featuring guest presenters, along with our partners and affiliates, are available by clicking on the webinar titles below.

June 2016

Optimizing Process Analytics
June 15, Frank Capek, Customer Innovations

Business measurement and analysis are lynchpins for competing in today's environment. But while business analysts frequently do good work using increasingly powerful tools, their internal clients, the organization's decision makers, often fail to capture the value of those efforts.

New Asset Commissioning and Start-Up
June 1, Tom Purves, former VP Shell

Every capital project requires significant work up front – planning, engineering, development, testing – before that project is ready for prime time. But in most organizations, the process is fragmented, characterized by handoffs, delays, and misunderstandings. The problem is that until Go-Live, from a financial perspective, it’s all investment and no return. Every day’s delay results in dollars lost, sometimes in the millions. Shell Oil, one of the pioneers of business process management, tackled this problem through the development of a smarter Commissioning-to-Operations process.

May 2016

Smart Work: Book Launch
May 18, Steve Stanton, FCB

Are you stuck in a dumb organization, overwhelmed by busy-ness to the point where you barely have time to think? It doesn't have to be that way. There's an alternative. Redesign your environment in ways that promote thoughtful decision making and data-rich process design.

Improving the Performance Environment
May 11, Robert Sher, CEO to CEO

It’s the leader’s job to create a work environment that motivates and helps deliver high-performance.

March 2016

Mastering Data:  Smart Awareness
March 30, Steve Stanton, FCB Partners

Most organizations measure too much and get too little insight in return. Others have learned to master their data and use process scorecards to understand, prioritize, and act.

Plan for Implementation - Manage Up
March 23, Kay Coleman, FCB Partners

Don't wait until the end of your project before thinking about implementation. Start early. Create a shared understanding of the transition. And remember, don't manage out, manage up!

8 Questions for Your Project Sponsor
March 9, Walter Popper, FCB Partners
In this preview of the upcoming course Change Leaders and Catalysts, Walter Popper leads an exploration of methods of effective project sponsorship and how to achieve and sustain it.

February 2016

6 Drivers of Process Performance
February 24, Steve Stanton, FCB Partners

FCB Managing Director, Steve Stanton demonstrates the effectiveness of FCB's proprietary Process Diagnosis tool. This Tool focuses at both the individual process and enterprise levels.

Implementation Begins with Outcomes
February 10, Kay Coleman, FCB Partners

Kay Coleman explains why many performance initiatives fail to achieve their expected results, not because of flawed designs, but from poor implementation planning and execution.

January 2016

Too Many Measures
January 27, Steve Stanton, FCB Partners

Join FCB Partners' Managing Director, Steve Stanton as he leads a roundtable discussion on the difficulties of managing metrics.

10 Ways to Get Buy-In
January 13, Walter Popper, FCB Partners

Join Walter Popper as he shares practical tools and insights from the new FCB Partners course: Change Leaders and Catalysts.

September 2015

Digital Disciplines
September 23, Joe Weinman, Author

Join Joe Weinman as he leads a roundtable discussion on Digital Disciplines: Attaining Market Leadership with Digital Technologies.

August 2015

Measure What Matters
August 26, Steve Stanton, FCB Partners

Join Steve Stanton, Managing Director of FCB Partners, as he leads a roundtable discussion on the challenge of managing metrics.

July 2015

Abrasive Technology's 20-Year Journey to a Process-Centered Organization
July 22, Butch Peterman and Tanya Patrella, Manufacturing with Heart

Join Butch Peterman, CEO at Abrasive Technology, and his colleague Tanya Patrella as they describe their 20-year journey to a Process-Centered Organization. They'll take us back...

Robots Are the Next Blackbelts
July 15, Bruce Miyashita, Miyashita Advisory

Join Bruce Miyashita as he reflects on the dramatic changes in technology that have occurred between 1988 and 2015, and how that has created a set of discontinuities in...

Process 2020 - Intimacy Innovations around Customers
July 8, Brad Power and Steve Stanton, FCB Partners

Join FCB Partners' Directors of Research Brad Power and Steve Stanton as they discuss emerging trends at the intersection of customer innovation and new technology. They’ll...

May 2015

Improving Process Improvement Competencies
May 20, Jeff DeWolf, Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak has been on a process journey for almost 15 years. One of the fundamental beliefs Tetra Pak holds as a company is in the power of process, people, and tools to deliver...

Bring Process Thinking to IT
May 13, Tom Paider and Chris Plescia, Nationwide

Operational Excellence and IT are seldom discussed together. The waste in the processes of knowledge workers often goes unnoticed for the simple reason it is incredibly difficult to...

Process 2020 - Product and Service Innovations
May 6, Brad Power and Steve Stanton, FCB Partners

Brad and Steve will share early results of their intensive research on the intersection of process improvement and technology innovation.  Sharing examples of innovative...

April 2015

Rich Products Cooks up a New Process
April 29, Tim Collins, Director, Strategic Planning and Business Process, Rich Products

Tim will share how they create a “Rich Experience” – a customer-first approach to business, enabled by an intimate understanding of the journeys...

FCB Course Overview: Leading Transformation
April 1, Walter Popper, Managing Director, FCB Partners

Senior executives talk about business transformation and you want to contribute. But your experience and skills are tactical – day-to-day operations, key performance indicators...  

March 2015

FCB Course Overview: Process Owners in Action
March 25, Steve Stanton, Managing Director, FCB Partners

Are you a Business Process Owner, responsible for end-to-end performance across functional boundaries? Perhaps you’re new in the role and still...

FCB Course Overview: Process Redesign
March 18, Steve Stanton, Managing Director, FCB Partners

Are you launching an ERP project? Creating a Shared Services organization? Streamlining your supply chain or customer service? Reducing...

FCB Course Overview: Accelerated Certification
March 11, Walter Popper, Managing Director, FCB Partners

How can your team get up to speed on Hammer methodology? How can you help your black belts, analysts or IT managers see the big picture? How...

February 2015

Get Social with Your Customers
February 25, Vanessa DiMauro, Founder and CEO, Leader Networks

Forrester Research has declared 2015 to be the Year of the Branded Online Community. However, digital communities have been around since...

Beyond HR: Reinvent People and People Processes
February 11, Tom Coleman, CIO and Chief Process Officer and Margie Rodino, Chief Talent Officer, Sloan Global Holdings

Many people think change is achieved through managing projects, but experienced practitioners see that change is managed through...

January 2015

Breakthroughs in Implementation
January 14, Kay Coleman and Brad Power, Instructors, Implementing Innovation

This 20-minute discussion will explore innovations in process implementation.  Kay Coleman and Brad Power will share insights from their upcoming course Implementing Innovation...

Obliterate Your Old Customer Processes
January 7, Dave Sutton, President and CEO, TopRight Strategic Marketing

We're in the midst of a remarkable digital marketing evolution at this moment in time. The multitude and complexity of communication media and technologies that are being used...

December 2014

Disney's MagicBand: What the Internet of Things Means for Process Management
December 10, Ric Merrifield, Author and Innovator

The term the Internet of Things has been around for a long time but, until fairly recently, it was more of an abstract idea than something that will transform the way we experience...

What Can Non-Tech Incumbents Learn from Silicon Valley?
December 3, Mark Zawacki, Founder 650 Labs

Many large, successful companies are creating offices in California's Silicon Valley to spot big, new trends and learn how they can transform their organizations in ways they...

November 2014

Continuous Delivery:  High Speed Software and Business Innovation
November 19, Andy Singleton, CEO, Assembla

Software is an important tool for improving the speed, reliability, and quality of existing processes in every corner of a modern enterprise. Now revolutionary software...

The Process of Designing for Customer Action; Accelerating Growth through Behavior Change 
November 12, Frank Capek, FCB Partners Affiliate

Too many customer-focused product and service innovations create little more than 'better sameness'. Moving beyond better sameness requires targeting innovation in...

October 2014

Transform Your Customer's Experience - Generate Revenue and Growth through Process Capabilities
October 29, Greg Tucker, FCB Partners Affiliate

A Customer Experience revolution is transforming the business landscape catalyzed by redesigning the 'Process' that connects customers with their channel partners both...

Breakdown then Breakthrough: Handoffs between Sales and Marketing (slideshare) (audio)
October 22, John Donlon, Research Director, Marketing Strategies Decisions, SiriusDecisions

In 2012, Iron Mountain faced two difficult process problems in its Sales and Marketing space. One was that campaign production cycle time was highly variable and...

September 2014

A Backward/Forward Look at Reengineering (audio)
September 24, Jim Champy, Author and Advisor

James Champy is a leading authority on management issues surrounding business reengineering, organizational change, and corporate renewal. He consults with senior-level...

July 2014

Leadership Engagement and Integrating Process and Continuous Improvement (slide share) (audio) (discussion summary)
July 30, Brad Power and an Anonymous Director of Global Processes

Join the conversation to hear how our Anonymous guest is dealing with the issues of Leadership Engagement and Integrating Process and Quality.

The New Process Innovation Capabilities Diagnostic: Pitfalls and Best Practices (audio) (slideshare)
July 9, Steve Stanton and Brad Power,  FCB Partners

In this interactive discussion, Steve and Brad will share their first draft of this new and exciting process tool. Designed to be simple and practical, this tool...  

June 2014

The Disciplines of Continuous Innovation (audio) (slideshare)
June 18, Brad Power, FCB Partners

Large, successful organizations are built for a primary purpose: to sustain predictable results, e.g., next year's revenue and profits should look like last year's plus 5%. Nearly everyone...

How Hallmark Organized for Process Management and Created a Center of Excellence (slideshare)
June 4, Tony Marolt, SAP Center of Excellence, Hallmark Cards

In 2007, Hallmark embarked on Project Horizon, an implementation of a software package for most core systems (SAP) and Lean. Twenty-five major end-to-end processes were identified...

May 2014

Process Management at Sloan Valve (audio) (slideshare)
May 14, Tom Coleman, CIO and CPO, Sloan Valve

How do you integrate your process methodologies (BPM, Lean, Six Sigma, reengineering)? How do you link strategic planning to process improvement? How do you manage change...

April 2014

Process Innovation Capabilities: A Webinar Roundtable Discussion  (slideshare)
April 30, Brad Power and Steve Stanton, FCB Partners

In the last decade, many elements of process management have significantly evolved, yet others remain frustratingly the same. Real transformational change is still truly difficult and...

March 2014

CoExistence: Today's Performance vs. Tomorrow's Innovation  (slideshare)
March 25, Brad Power and Steve Stanton, FCB Partners

There are four powerful and competing forces operating in all organizations today: (1) the turbulence of daily work, (2) incremental process improvemenet, (3) sustaining innovations, and (4) disruptive innovations. All are essential but truly different in most respects. How do you get the balance right in your organization between today and tomorrow?

January 2014

How TetraPak Develops Change Management Skills  (slideshare)
January 21, Kristian Asberg, TetraPak

Packaging company TetraPak responded to increasing change by developing one common approach to change management, then rolled out training and deployed transformation experts. How do you build change skills in your organization?

How IBM Enables its Workers to Innovate  (slideshare)
January 16, Mary Keough and Ryan Hutton, IBM

IBM runs two programs out of its CIO Lab that encourage employees to share ideas and create prototypes, and helps get innovative projects into the hands of the crowd to uncover powerful new technology. I Fund IT is an in-house crowdfunding platform, and the Technology Adoption Program (TAP) helps employees create and try experimental software. Can your orgnization replace management decisions with crowd decisions?

October 2013

Process Redesign: Critical Success Factors  (slideshare)
October 10, Steve Stanton, FCB Partners

The disciplines for a successful process redesign include having a clear process, roles and organization, and also a strategy. What are critical success factors for process redesign?

Customer Intimacy Meet Operational Excellence  (slideshare)
October 2, Brad Power, FCB Partners

Retailer L.L. Bean and healthcare provider ThedaCare have historically emphasized providing unique solutions for each customer, but they are currently focusing on operational excellence to compete successfully. Can you do both at the same tine?