Workshop: Implementation Planning and Execution

Target Audiences

  • Process owners and their teams
  • Business improvement teams
  • implementation teams


Many performance improvement initiatives fail to achieve their expected results, not because of flawed designs, but from poor implemention planning and execution. Some teams underestimate scope, time, or resources. Others miss critical dependencies or wait too long to engage stakeholders. But, with careful planning, these risks can be minimized.


  • Interviewing and data gathering
  • Engaging constituents including project, business, IT, HR, and training
  • Conducting structured exercises
  • Developing and presenting an implementation plan


  • Three-day, onsite workshop
  • Tutorial and interactive exercises
  • Risk identification and assessment
  • Work stream, timeline, milestones, and staffing review
  • Identification of value drivers and measures
  • Description of roles, responsibilities, and decision rights
  • Senior management briefing


Increase in the speed and probability of delivering expected benefits. Better team  understanding of the scope, dependencies, and sequence of change activities. Early planning for communication, organizational change, and execution. Better senior management knowledge of what to expect, where the risks lie, and how to mitigate them.