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    Process professionals:  Learn the Hammer method for Leading Transformation.

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    Project teams:  Learn Hammer methodology in Process Redesign.

  • Beyond Lean Six Sigma:  Build skills in strategy, design, and transformation

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    Process and IT Leaders:  Learn Hammer principles in our course Power of Process.


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Operational Agility

You’ve worked for years to reduce cost through operational excellence. It’s a worthwhile endeavor, but is it enough? These days, customers need more. Leaders expect more. Meanwhile your team is fighting yesterday’s battles from their fix-it foxholes. Operational excellence is necessary, but not sufficient, in today’s world. The new best practice is operational agility. It will require new skills, as well as a renewed focus on customer experience and end-end process performance.

New Courses

The Agenda: Change leadership for achieving operational agility - a fast, focused, strategic approach to managing change. Black belts improve performance. Project managers deliver IT systems. But neither addresses the big picture, customer focus, or on the down side, organizational inertia. What can be done about superficial buy-in? Wide spread complacency? Conflicting priorities? Mistrust across boundaries? In this course we present a new approach to leading organizational change.

Big Benefits, Big Changes: Process reengineering updated for the digital business environment. Too many process initiatives are internally focused. They fail to consider the outside-in, customer perspective. Too many organizations settle for better sameness. They miss the big-benefit potential of big-picture thinking. As a result, too many change projects fail. In this course we present a radical approach for today’s turbulent marketplace.

Hammer Courses

These courses develop skills in Business Process Reengineering, a methodology for business transformation through process design. Participants completing all three courses earn a Certificate of Process Mastery.

Power of Process: Executive view of business process reengineering - What it is, why it's needed, how it works, where to focus, and how to develop a process roadmap

Process Redesign: Project view of business process reengineering - What's 'end-to-end', how to see the big-picture, where to innovate, which stakeholders to engage, how to get buy-in and adoption

Building a Process Enterprise: Program Office view of business process reengineering - What is a process-friendly environment, how do measures and ownership contribute, how can leadership and governance sustain results

Design Labs

We lead onsite Design Labs for teams and their stakeholdeers to accelerate awareness, creativity, dialog, decision making, issue resolution, and buy-in.

Process Opportunities: To enroll stakeholders in a shared view of the problem. What should be simple is hard; what should be fast is slow. We use the team's analysis of inputs, control points, outcomes, measures, and gaps to accelerate awareness, desire and understanding. 

Process Design: To establish cross-function commitment through collaborative design. We structure dialog and decision-making to agree on design criteria, concepts and future state workflows; we acclerate concept validation, approval, funding, staffing and development.

Process Development: To jointly validate the initial design and extend it to include process and performers, systems and information, partners and contracts. We engage participants in detailed design, stage gate reviews, a transition planning and adoption.

Process Accountability: To enhance cross-unit collaboration and performance. Without process accountability, local priorities come into conflict. We accelerate process ownership and governance through the development of cross-unit goals, objectives, measures, decision-making and issue resolution.

Advanced Skills

FCB's onsite Advanced Skills training helps Lean, Six Sigma, IT and Change professionals develop competency in design, innovation, change leadership and transformation.